Micheline Maynard

Author, Business Journalist, Connoisseur

What I’m Up To These Days: Solo Entrepreneur!

Since our public media project Changing Gears concluded in May, I’ve been spending time as a “solo entrepreneur,” as my friend Tess Vigeland calls it. You might also call me a visiting professor, a blogger, and a daily columnist. Here’s where you can find me — and what’s coming up.  Forbes: visit my regular blog, […]

Was The Bailout a Good — Or Bad — Idea?

Should the federal government have bailed out General Motors and Chrysler? Some might say yes, especially now that the two companies have repaid the loan portions of their federal bailout. Last week, Chrysler paid back the money it borrowed two years ago from the United States and Canada. Or more accurately, it refinanced the loans […]

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