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Catching Up Over The Christmas Holidays

Fall is over, Christmas is upon us, and it’s time for a breather. But before the year comes to a close, here’s a look at my recent appearances and stories. In late December, I talked to Minnesota Public Radio about the closing of Ford’s St. Paul truck plant. Ford built vehicles in St. Paul for […]

Was The Bailout a Good — Or Bad — Idea?

Should the federal government have bailed out General Motors and Chrysler? Some might say yes, especially now that the two companies have repaid the loan portions of their federal bailout. Last week, Chrysler paid back the money it borrowed two years ago from the United States and Canada. Or more accurately, it refinanced the loans […]

The Selling of the American Economy is on sale!

An author couldn’t ask for a more wonderful Publication Day. The book is on sale everywhere from New York City to Ann Arbor to Starkville, MS. And it is getting a lot of attention, including this story in Newsweek. I began the day by visiting Paul W. Smith in his beautiful studio in the Fisher […]

A Mention for the book on The Takeaway

I appeared on The Takeaway on Thursday morning to discuss the demise of Saturn Corporation. John Hockenberry was kind enough to mention the book. Have a listen.

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