Welcome to MichelineMaynard.com

Hello, and welcome to my webpage. I’m a journalist, broadcaster, author, public speaker, and professor.

You might call me a polymath, which the dictionary says is a “person whose expertise spans a wide variety of areas.”

Here are some of the ones I’m pursuing these days.

FOOD WRITING. I write The Check blog at Forbes.com, which looks at trends in the restaurant and food worlds.

I also contribute to Skift Table, where you can find my series on innovative restaurant groups, chef profiles and more.

POLITICS. I write about American politics for ABC Australia, and send pecial greetings to friends Down Under.

TRANSPORTATION. Yes, I take an active interest in everything to do with the auto industry, as well as the future of transportation.

I’ve been to 100 manufacturing plants worldwide, and understand all the complexities of the global carmakers.

You can find an archive of my recent and archived coverage for the New York Times here.

I’m the editor and founder of Curbing Cars, a crowdfunded journalism project. The Curbing Cars e-book was the best selling e-book in Forbes’ signature series. (Email me for details on how to purchase a copy.)

BOOKS: My best known book is The End of Detroit, How The Big Three Lost Their Grip On The American Car Market. Find it and all my other books here.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Look for me on Twitter @mickimaynard and my food tweets are found at @culinarywoman. I’m Micheline Maynard on Facebook and LinkedIn. My Instagram is also @michelinemaynard.

You’re welcome to email me at vmaynard@umich.edu, and please sign up for my newsletter to keep track of what I’m doing.

Producers: I have access to a landline, Report-IT on my mobile phone, Skype, can arrange for an ISDN, and I can arrive at the studio camera ready.

I also am available for public speaking engagements, including my motivational talk, “Five Things: How To Decide What You Want To Do Next.” I can host your event, moderate a panel, and be a keynote speaker. Email me for rates.

My only product endorsement is for Vocalzone, the worst-tasting lozenges you can find. Believe me, they’ll clear up your throat in no time. No money changes hands. Only lozenges.

That’s it for an introduction. If you want all my career details, take a look at My Bio.