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Hello, and welcome to my webpage. I’m a journalist, broadcaster, author, public speaker, and professor.

Here are some of the topics I’m pursuing these days.

BOOK PROJECTS: You may have heard my exciting news — I’m writing a book about Zingerman’s! The tentative title is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: How Zingerman’s Built A Corner Deli Into A Global Food Community.

It’s scheduled to be published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in March 2022 — in time for Zingerman’s 40th anniversary.

Soon, I’ll be posting a look at the cover and provide instructions on how to pre-order a copy.

If you’d like to set up a book event, please contact me directly at mamayn at aol dot com. I’m happy to do in socially distanced in-person events, as long as all the applicable COVID protocols are in effect. I also can conduct virtual events, too.

COMMENTARY. I’m a contributing columnist at the Washington Post,  taking part in the Post’s Voices Across America project. I concentrate on business and culture, based in Ann Arbor. Most recently, I’ve written about the shortages of restaurant staff, the vaccine scandal in Chicago, and the political uproar caused by a University of Michigan Regent.

FOOD WRITING.  I’m the editor of the CulinaryWoman Newsletter. My mission is to bring you stories of interesting people and trends in the food world, with a special emphasis on women. Our wonderful audience includes chefs, writers, and people who follow the food world.

Along with my original journalism, you’ll find features on cookbooks, TV series, podcasts and more. You can subscribe to CulinaryWoman here. Please think about supporting us as a founding member and join the Culinary Woman Community.

I’m writing about recipes and other stories for The Takeout. See my Assembling series, which is meant to speed the way to putting together delicious meals.

You also might enjoy my recipes for my dad’s corn pancakes, Betty Ford’s triple chocolate cookies, glazed roast vegetables and more and more.

I write the Marketplace Changes column for the Ann Arbor Observer as well as restaurant coverage.

TRANSPORTATION. I’m the founder of Curbing Cars, an independent journalism project that began in 2013.

Curbing Cars looks at the future of transportation and its intersection with the environment. Follow us on Twitter @curbingcars for the latest in what’s happening.

I also contribute stories on transportation for other news outlets, including the Washington Post. 

You also can find an archive of my recent and archived transportation coverage for the New York Times here.

BOOKS: Among my four books, my best known is The End of Detroit, How The Big Three Lost Their Grip On The American Car Market. Find it and all my other books here.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Look for me on Twitter @mickimaynard and my food tweets are found at @culinarywoman. I’m Micheline Maynard on Facebook and LinkedIn. My Instagram is also @michelinemaynard. I’m @culinarywoman on Tik Tok.

REACHING ME: You’re welcome to email me at mamayn at aol.com. Please be patient for a response.

PRODUCERS: I have access to a landline, Report-IT on my mobile phone, Facetime, Skype, can arrange for an ISDN, and I can arrive at the studio camera ready.

APPEARANCES: I’m available for public speaking engagements, virtually and in person. I can host your event, moderate a panel, and be a keynote speaker, as long as your group abides by COVID protocols. Sadly, I’m unable to speak for free, but my rates are flexible. Email me with your proposal.

ENDORSEMENTS: My only product endorsement is for Vocalzone, the worst-tasting lozenges you can find. Believe me, they’ll clear up your throat in no time. No money changes hands. Only lozenges.

That’s it for an introduction. If you want all my career details, take a look at My Bio.