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The CulinaryWoman Newsletter came to life on Substack in June, 2020, and recently celebrated its third birthday. CulinaryWoman looks at a variety of topics in the food world, with a focus on business and food trends. Each issue includes a main story and shorter items, all written from my point of view as a business journalist.

The free newsletter is published every Sunday. Paid subscribers get bonus content published Monday through Friday.

Features for paid subscribers include:

  • Red Beans and Advice, offering tips on various food and travel topics
  • The Culinary Woman Reading Room, with reviews and recommendations of food-related books, memoirs and cookbooks.
  • Just For You, a Friday preview of the upcoming newsletter.
  • Eligibility for regular giveaways, including books, treats and gadgets.
  • Commenting ability

I’d love to have you subscribe! Try the free version and decide if you’d like to support our journalism. We never have ads or sponsors: it’s completely reader-funded.

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CulinaryWoman Coaching is a new feature that’s meant to help writers, small business owners and people who’d like to turn a dream or a side gig into reality.

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