Here’s what you should know.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Find me @mickimaynard on Twitter, and under Micheline Maynard on Google Plus, LinkedIn and on Facebook.

REACHING ME: Send an email to vmaynard (at) PR professionals, please do not pitch me via Twitter or Facebook.

REACHING MY AGENT: You can reach my literary agent, Alice Martell, at afmartell (at) Ms. Martell also considers film and television rights requests, as well as public speaking requests.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: I can serve as a keynote speaker, moderate panel discussions, lead Ted style programs, and act as an on-stage interviewer. Please contact me at least 30 days ahead of time to discuss a topic, fee schedule and my travel requirements. All speaking engagements require an appearance agreement.

INTERVIEWS: I’m happy to help with your print, Web or broadcast story, and with advance notice, I can arrange access to an ISDN or television studio. I prefer 24 hours notice, but I understand if you are on deadline. NOTE: through June 2015, I’m in Phoenix, which is on Pacific Time.

EXPERT ON: Detroit; the American and international automobile industries; international investment in the United States; the airline industry and aviation safety; why people are driving less; the changes in attitudes among teen drivers; women motorists and consumers; women in the business world; Midwest politics; labor; urban affairs; the American South; the Supreme Court; travel; sports; and food.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SITE: Contact me and I’ll pass them to the Webmaster.