Speeches And Events

Please contact me at mamayn@aol.com for my rates and requirements.

Each booking includes a planning meeting or call, a presentation tailored to your group’s needs, time for Q&A, and conversation with group members afterwards. Rates vary according to the size and type of your organization.

I give talks on three main topics:

  • The Future of Transportation
  • Trends in the Restaurant World
  • Five Things: How To Decide What To Do Next

I have been a keynote or featured speaker at the Southern Automotive Conference, the Frost Brown Todd AutoConnect conference in Nashville, the Economic Club of Grand Rapids, the Michigan State Chamber of Commerce, the US-China Chamber of Commerce, and many more events.

I have also spoken at a variety of universities, including Arizona State University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Cornell University, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, the University of Chicago, Indiana State University, and Eastern Michigan University.

I’ve given my 5 Things talk at Zingtrain, part of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, and to the Women’s Economic Forum in Ann Arbor. It stems from a lecture I developed for my students at Arizona State University, and I’ve shared it with students at the University of Michigan as well. It’s a topic that suits many generations and many groups.


I can host a program and interview executives and news makers. I recently hosted the launch of the Zingerman’s Bakehouse Book, and interviewed co-authors Frank Carollo and Amy Emberling.

I moderated a panel with the fabulous Dorie Greenspan and Joanne Chang at the Boston Center for Adult Education. (Cookies were served!)

I hosted the annual Reynolds Week conference at Arizona State University, and I also have acted as a host for programs by WBEZ Chicago, Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor, and WCPN in Cleveland.


Looking for a woman to diversify your all-male panel (what we call a “man-nel”)? Look no further.

Please contact me at mamayn@aol.com for my rates and requirements.