My Expertise

Here are the areas where I consider myself an expert.

Transportation. I’m best known for covering autos and airlines as a senior business correspondent and Detroit bureau chief for The New York Times. Now, I most frequently write about both those industries for the Curbing Cars journalism project

In 2013, I founded Curbing Cars: Rethinking How We Get Around. This crowdfunded, independent Web site explores the future of transportation, including the shift from car ownership to alternative modes of transportation.

Our second Kickstarter was recently oversubscribed, and the Curbing Cars Newsletter kicks off in May, 2017. Our previous Kickstarter produced the eBook, Curbing Cars: America’s Independence From The Auto Industry, which was published by Forbes in April 2014, and we also produced a podcast. You can find our archive on

Food and business. When I wasn’t focused on all these topics for the New York Times, I was schooling myself in becoming a food writer. I’ve studied cooking with Patricia Wells and at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, and taken numerous classes in other places. Now I write The Check, a food and business blog on

Detroit. I’m deeply interested in everything that affects the Motor City, from its Chapter 9 bankruptcy to new investments, and the lingering problems that affect Detroit. My experience covering the bankruptcies in the airline industry and at General Motors and Chrysler have given me a good background to watch what happened in court, and how Detroit must now recover. Of course, as a baseball fan, I’m up to speed on anything affecting the Tigers, too.

Politics. I grew up in politics in Michigan. My parents helped write the 1963 state constitution, and were involved in the Republican Party back when the phrase “Rockefeller Republicans” was in vogue. Later, I covered the Michigan Legislature, and have always considered politics my second love, behind business. Many of the people I knew at the beginning of my career are now in positions of power in Lansing, Detroit and Washington.

I’m easy to find on social media, where I’m @mickimaynard on Twitter and Medium, and under Micheline Maynard on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.