, the web site run by the National Center for Business Journalism at Arizona State, cites The Selling of the American Economy as a source for data on foreign trade. In her article, Pam Luecke says,

For more recent inspiration, I’d recommend the 2009 book by New York Times reporter Micheline Maynard, “The Selling of the American Economy: How Foreign Companies are Remaking the American Dream.” Unlike (Lou) Dobbs, who paints this remaking as a black-and-white threat, Maynard describes a brighter and more nuanced picture.

“Foreign companies may touch a nerve in American society and may still be an object of fear and distrust among many, who view foreign investment as a threat to the American worker and way of life,” she writes. “But foreign companies that invest in the United States are having a significant — and largely positive — impact on not only the lives of workers, but also the health of the American economy and society as a whole.”