David Plotz, the editor of Slate.com, was kind enough to review the book for Amazon.com. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say:


“There has been a suspicion that these foreign competitors are undermining American companies, and that their American workers are a kind of fifth column, betraying the national interest. Maynard brilliantly shows how these ideas are not merely outdated, but utterly wrong. Painting a portrait of four foreign companies–Tata, Haier, Airbus, and Toyota–and, more vividly, some of the Americans who wor

k for them, Maynard shows how overseas firms have been a godsend for the U.S. They bring consumers better products–who thinks Pontiac makes better cars than Toyota? As importantly, they’ve enriched the lives of their American workers and host communities.

“Maynard doesn’t ignore the challenges of foreign ownership–implacable union opposition,

most notably–but she catalogs the opportunities, such as steadier employment, more job skills training and

opportunities for promotion, diffusion of best practices to other, American companies. At a time when

Americans are skeptical of foreign entanglements and foreign ideas about health care, Maynard’s book is a lively reminder of how much we can learn, and how much we can benefit, when the world comes here.

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