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Hello, and welcome to my webpage. I’m a journalist, broadcaster, author and professor.Hometown Holdouts cover

I’m the senior editor at the daily NPR program Here & Now, based in Boston. I’m also a contributor to Forbes.com, which has just published my new eBook, Hometown Holdouts: Business Lessons From Food Stars Loyal To Their Roots.

The Hometown Holdouts project looks at restaurants, food companies and producers that have national reputations, but whose owners have consciously decided to stay in one place. Catch up on all the Forbes stories here.

You may know me from my years at The New York Times, from my appearances on PBS NewsHour , or from one of my other books, such as The End of Detroit, How The Big Three Lost Their Grip On The American Car Market. 

Look for me on Twitter @mickimaynard. I’m Micheline Maynard on Facebook and LinkedIn. I also post regular answers on Quora. I’m a contributor to Medium.com, and you can follow me there, too, @mickimaynard.

If you want to book me for a show, I have access to a landline, Report-IT on my mobile phone, Skype, can arrange for an ISDN, and I can arrive camera ready. You’re welcome to email me at vmaynard (at) umich.edu.

Feel free to contact me or my literary agent, Alice Martell, to arrange a speaking engagement.

My only product endorsement is for Vocalzone, the worst-tasting lozenges you can find. Believe me, they’ll clear up your throat in no time. No money changes hands. Only lozenges.

That’s the short version. If you want all my career details, take a look at My Bio.