I was pleased to take part in the first Ann Arbor Book Festival, which coincided with the publication of The End of Detroit. It was fun to see people flocking to E. University Street for the book fair, and to speak at Rackham Auditorium along with chef Craig Common (foreshadowing my interest in the food world).

On May 15, I’ll be participating in the 2010 Ann Arbor Book Festival. I’ll participate in the Writers’ Conference, which will take place all day at Mason/Haven Halls on the University of Michigan campus. The list of participants can be found here.

My talk at 2 p.m. will focus on Breaking New Ground in Non Fiction. For non-fiction writers, getting past the conventional wisdom can be a challenge. What are the best methods to draw new conclusions about what may seem to be familiar subjects and get past the status quo? This session will offer helpful advice on the kind of research an author must do to build a case, break new ground and have the courage to stand behind their conclusions.

I hope you’ll come to the conference, the breakfast and all the other events surrounding the festival. Authors rock!

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